KEOUGH: Our Unique Management Approach

Keough Construction Management (KCM) develops innovative construction solutions with passion, dedication and personal attention. Established in 2004, KCM’s commitment to a client is embodied in our messaging—“Managing Success, One Project at a Time”.

KCM is multi-faceted, with a focus in four core areas:
• Cost Certainty/Estimating
• Owner Project Management Services
• Traditional Construction Management Services
• Design/Build services.

Regardless of the method, or service, the key to our success is understanding that we are an extension of the owner. We act in the owner’s best interest from the inception of the project in order to ensure its success. Building a relationship with our clients, creates trust and an understanding of the client’s need, which is mutually beneficial for all.

INTEGRITY: we know that our integrity is the basis for trust between our clients, associate partners and ourselves. We honor our word with our actions and we are accountable for decisions. Every project and activity we undertake, pushes us to yield our best effort and focus to ensure that our work, whether it’s a cost estimate or managing the details of design and construction, is done with quality and attention to detail.

EXCELLENCE: Keough’s standard for excellence starts with our internal pursuit and passion for continuous improvement. We respond to our client’s needs by providing a superior experience that exceeds all expectations at every point in the delivery process. We strive to deliver the highest quality service and deliverable, on time and within budget, by implementing policies designed to ensure the best possible management of resources. Our mission on every project is to elevate the purpose above the profit.

INNOVATION: Keough is a strong proponent of innovation. We employ a corporate culture that allows for the freedom to imagine what is possible while engaging the discipline to choose the most capable and sustainable solutions. We are experts at defining “the issues”, and key drivers of a project, and then creating a sensible and oftentimes, creative solution to address these issues and challenges. Innovation in design and problem solving, combined with simplicity in operations and construction, and a solid cost certainty approach, helps KCM to make the impossible, possible.

COLLABORATION: By creating synergies among ourselves, our clients, our partners or associate design firms and vendors/subcontractors, KCM is able to ensure that a project benefit’s greatly from a team effort, versus what we could have accomplished on our own. Open collaboration is expected at all levels of our internal organization, as well as between KCM, and the project team. We respect our client’s point of view and value input at all stages of project development and implementation. Teamwork, responsibility and honest communication assure a mutually beneficial result.

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