ALL PROJECTS with KEOUGH begin with establishing cost certainty.

KEOUGH offers an outstanding Professional Estimating Team that provides cost estimating to an array of client types. Our team estimates hundreds of Projects per year and has been involved in some of the largest building projects in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We bring perspective, local knowledge and experience to bear on every CSI formatted estimate we deliver.

KEOUGH cost consulting services are specifically designed to provide the maximum amount of cost information at the earliest possible time during the planning and design phases of all types of construction projects. KCM’s Estimating Team will help you align project costs with available funds with Cost Management Services for all Building Trades (Master Format). We think of our estimating services as “cost frankness” and we tell you, the Owner, what you have to hear regarding cost predictions during the project’s early design stages. This is essential for directing the Architect to meet program requirements within your established cost constraints and for maintaining your project schedule by eliminating drawings revision time.

Sound financial decisions are based on fact, not subjective opinions. Establishing accurate “cost-to-scope” benchmarks through expert estimating enables our clients to plan their projects confidently. Decisions made during the early design phases, typically commit 80% of the project budget. Developing a strong foundation for the project is critical. Cost development and estimates are provided to our clients at stage-appropriate intervals. We provide: full scope cost modeling, estimating, and value engineering services; independent peer review, utilizing comparative and detailed analyses; rough order of magnitude; conceptual design; schematic design and basis of design (BOD); control and GMP estimates (i.e. 10%,30%, 60%, 90%); issued for construction (IFC); pre-purchase survey; site assessment and benchmarking.

• Validation of the existing project budget, from trade costs to soft costs.
• Cost trending analysis to monitor the progress of the design against the proposed budget.
• Value engineering options, considering design review, detailed analysis, lifecycle cost analysis, cost-benefit analysis/ selection
• Review the advantages of pre-purchasing select items.

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